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The use and normal maintenance of the coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 11【L Small

  Coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each movement mechanism. It has a direct impact on the normal operation of each movement mechanism. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to:

  ① The coupling is not allowed to have more than the specified shaft center line skew and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance.

  ②The bolts of the coupling must not be loose or damaged.

  ③Gear couplings and Oldham couplings should be lubricated regularly, and grease should be added once every 2 to 3 months to avoid severe wear of the gear teeth and serious consequences.

  ④ The tooth width contact length of the gear coupling shall not be less than 70; its axial movement shall not be greater than 5mm.

  ⑤ The coupling is not allowed to have cracks, if there is a crack, it needs to be replaced (it can be knocked with a small hammer, judged by the sound).

  ⑥The key of the coupling should be tightly matched and not loose.

  ⑦ The tooth thickness of the gear coupling is worn. When the lifting mechanism exceeds the original tooth thickness of 15 and the operating mechanism exceeds 25, it should be scrapped. If there is a broken tooth, it should also be scrapped.

  ⑧If the elastic ring of the pin coupling and the sealing ring of the gear coupling are damaged and aging, please pay attention to timely replacement.

  The high-quality manufacturing of the coupling includes the strength and fatigue strength of the coupling mother body (two halves of the coupling) and the strength and fatigue strength of the coupling parts and elastic elements (metal or non-metal elastic elements), etc.The surface treatment of the coupling is also a problem that cannot be ignored. It is related to the surface corrosion of the coupling and affects the normal use and service life of the coupling.Metal surface treatment generally involves adding a layer of substance to the metal surface to avoid contact with air. Its main advantages are: prevention of rust, corrosion, and beautiful surface.Normally, the surface treatment is mainly anti-corrosion effect, and the surface treatment of the coupling also includes the improvement of the surface hardness. The following describes several coupling surface treatment methods.

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