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How to install the pins in the elastic sleeve pin coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 11【L Small

 The elastic sleeve pin coupling utilizes a pin with an elastic sleeve (rubber material) at one end, which is installed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling to realize the connection of the two halves of the coupling.The elastic sleeve pin coupling used to be my widely used coupling. As early as the late 20s, it had been formulated as the standard of the Ministry of Machinery: the pin coupling of the JB 50-108 elastic ring column was our standard. Coupling.

  The elastic sleeve pin coupling is characterized by simple structure, convenient installation, easy replacement, small size and light weight.Since the deformation of the elastic sleeve is not large when it is squeezed when it is working, and the matching gap between the elastic sleeve and the pin hole should not be too large, the cushioning and shock absorption of the elastic pin coupling is not high, and it compensates for the difference between the two shafts. The relative displacement is small.

  A column pin with an elastic sleeve at one end is installed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling to realize the elastic coupling of the two halves of the coupling.One end of the taper hole bolt is the active end, and the end that presses the elastic sleeve is the driven end.It is not a big problem if the shaft diameters on both sides are the same. This does not strictly distinguish which end the pin must be placed on.If the end of the shaft hole is wrong, it cannot be installed or is too large, and it cannot be used. It does not matter. The elastic part is installed on all ends of the same, as long as the shaft hole size and length match.

  Elastic sleeve pin coupling is the name of the combination of ordinary pin and spring. The pin and bolt of different couplings have the same shaft diameter, and the other axial dimensions of the pin are different for different couplings.You can obtain the relevant dimensions from the production, process the spare parts yourself, or order the spare parts directly. The side with the elastic sleeve is on the load side! It is better not on the motor side. The size of the taper hole is the same as the taper section of the pin.

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