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The scope of application and performance characteristics of Ever-PowerLMZ-I plum coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 05【L Small

    LMZ-I plum blossom coupling has good balance performance and is suitable for high-speed applications (high speed up to 30000 rpm), but it cannot handle large deviations, especially axial deviations.Larger eccentricity and deflection angle will produce a larger bearing load than other servo couplings.Another value of concern is the failure of the LMZ-I plum coupling.Once the quincunx elastic spacer is damaged or fails, the torque transmission will not be interrupted, and the metal claws of the two shaft sleeves mesh together to continue to transmit the torque, which may cause problems in the system.

  1. The LMZ-I plum coupling is mainly composed of two convex teeth that are closely meshed and subjected to radial compression to transmit torque. When the two axes are relatively offset, the elastic element undergoes corresponding elastic deformation, which plays a role of automatic compensation. .

  2.LMZ-I梅花联轴器主要适用于起动频繁、正反转、中高速、中等扭矩和要求高可靠性的工作场合,例如:冶金、矿山、石油、化工、起重、运输、轻工、纺织、 水泵、风机等。工作环境温度 -35℃~+80℃,传递公称扭矩25~12500Nm,许用转速1500~15300r/min。

  3. Compared with other couplings, LMZ-I plum blossom coupling has the following characteristics:

  (1) The work is stable and reliable, with good vibration damping, buffering and electrical insulation properties.

  (2) The structure is simple, the radial dimension is small, the weight is light, and the moment of inertia is small, which is suitable for medium and high speed occasions.

  (3) It has large axial, radial and angular compensation capabilities.

  (4) High-strength polyurethane elastic elements are wear-resistant and oil-resistant, have large carrying capacity, long service life, and reliability.

  (5) The coupling does not need to be lubricated, the maintenance workload is small, and it can run continuously for a long time.Powder metallurgy L series couplings are customized for various splits, integral couplings, diaphragm drum gear couplings, drum gear couplings, drum gear couplings, metal slider couplings, production flexibility Pin coupling, elastic coupling, star-shaped elastic coupling, elastic sleeve, pin coupling, elastic pin gear coupling, production of LMZ-I plum blossom coupling, LMZ-I plum blossom coupling for heavy machinery Diaphragm shaft, diaphragm coupling, tire coupling, rubber tire coupling GL roller chain coupling, sprocket coupling KC sprocket coupling chain coupling.

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