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Three advantages of JZMJ diaphragm coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 06【L Small

    The JZMJ diaphragm coupling relies on the metal diaphragm to transmit torque and absorb the deformation caused by misalignment. There is no relative movement between parts and there is no friction/wear, so it does not need lubrication, which is in line with the development direction of oil-free process equipment.The gear coupling is a rigid movable coupling. It relies on the relative slippage between the tooth surfaces to compensate for the misalignment of the two shafts. Therefore, the gear coupling should be lubricated, and the lubrication condition determines the gear coupling The key to good or bad work.Especially when running at high speed, it is more prominent, such as the separation and leakage of oil under the action of centrifugal force, as well as the choice of lubricating oil, often because the lubrication design uses the bearing lubricating oil of the connected machine, rather than the carrying capacity More suitable gear lubricants.Therefore, the lubrication problem of high-speed gear couplings is particularly prominent.On the other hand, the wear caused by the relative slip of the tooth surface will cause a series of problems such as sludge and imbalance.Therefore, although gear couplings were once the best choice for high-speed and high-power applications, with the emergence and development of diaphragm couplings, gear couplings have gradually faded out.

  The JZMJ diaphragm coupling uses a metal diaphragm as an elastic element, which has high strength and large load transfer capacity. There are no non-metal parts in the whole product, no aging problem, long service life, and it is suitable for harsh use environments.This is unmatched by non-metallic elastic element couplings.

  The JZMJ diaphragm coupling adopts a high-strength austenitic stainless steel diaphragm, which can withstand large deformations while transmitting torsion, thereby compensating for the misalignment of the two shafts.The non-metal elastic coupling is restricted by the low strength and easy aging of the non-metal elastic element, which not only has a short life, but also has a small compensation ability.The gear coupling is restricted by the relative slip speed of the tooth surface and the lubrication conditions (the information is introduced, the relative slip speed of the tooth surface should not be greater than 0.12 m/s), and the angular compensation ability is very small.Therefore, non-metal elastic couplings and gear couplings require higher installation and alignment.Once the misalignment exceeds the allowable range, it will cause rapid failure of the coupling.

  Three advantages of JZMJ diaphragm coupling:

  XNUMX. The technical support is timely and sufficient, and the coupling selection can be matched with the unit to achieve the best use effect.With internal products, the two parties can communicate directly during the design process of the unit, and fully negotiate the performance parameters and structural dimensions.Moreover, this kind of communication is more direct and effective, which can save time and improve design efficiency.

  XNUMX. The after-sales service responds quickly, especially the supply cycle of spare parts is greatly shortened.The internal suppliers have a short production and supply cycle, and can flexibly respond to changes in demand, and can respond quickly to emergency needs.In recent years, the service awareness of each has been significantly strengthened, and the service capabilities and service quality have been continuously improved.

  XNUMX. The product price advantage is obvious, especially the price of spare parts is very low.Under normal circumstances, the price of produced diaphragm couplings is only a fraction of the imported price.For the host, it can reduce the cost of the complete set, and for the end user, it can quickly obtain technical support and spare parts supply at a very low price in subsequent operations.

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