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Overview of the performance advantages of LMZ-I plum-shaped elastic coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 06【L Small

   LMZ-I plum blossom coupling gets its name because of its elastic plum blossom shape. According to different elastomer materials, it can be divided into: rubber-shaped plum blossom coupling, polyurethane LMZ-I plum blossom coupling; according to its performance and use, it can be divided into : Plum blossom couplings, plum blossom couplings for servo motors, clamping LMZ-I plum blossom couplings and many other types.

  The working principle of LMZ-I plum blossom coupling is to install a whole plum blossom-shaped elastic ring between the claws of two half-couplings with the same shape to realize the connection of the two half-couplings.This coupling is widely used in water pumps, oil pumps, machine tools and other industries.The power is transmitted through the squeezing between the claw and the elastic ring, and the relative deviation of the two shafts is compensated by the elastic deformation of the elastic ring to realize vibration damping and buffering.

  The advantages of LMZ-I plum coupling are:

  1. Maintenance-free, oil-resistant and electrical insulation, working temperature 20℃-60℃;

  2. Plum blossom elastomer has four petals, six petals, eight petals and ten petals;

  3. The fixing methods include top wire, clamping and keyway fixing.

  4. Compact, no backlash, providing three different hardness elastomers;

  5. Vibration can be absorbed, and radial and angular deviations can be compensated;

  6. Simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy inspection.

  Performance characteristics of LMZ-I plum coupling:

  XNUMX. High elasticity (with a variety of hardness elastomers to choose from).

  XNUMX. The high-precision LMZ-I plum blossom coupling not only has high elasticity, but also its rigidity can reach an ideal state. It is widely used in servo motors, stepping motors, ball screws and other occasions.

  XNUMX. There are many types to choose from, such as keyway type, clamping type, extended type, flange type and so on.