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The composition and scope of use of diaphragm coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 10【L Small

  The diaphragm coupling is composed of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves.The diaphragm is fastened to the sleeve with a pin and generally will not loosen or cause backlash between the diaphragm and the sleeve.Some manufacturers provide two diaphragms, and others provide three diaphragms, with one or two rigid elements in the middle, and the two sides are connected to the shaft sleeve.The difference between the single diaphragm coupling and the double diaphragm coupling is the ability to handle various deviations. In view of the complex bending of the diaphragm, the single diaphragm coupling is not suitable for eccentricity.The Otis double diaphragm coupling can bend in different directions at the same time to compensate for eccentricity.

  Widely used in shaft transmission of various mechanical devices, such as water pumps (especially high-power, chemical pumps), fans, compressors, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, Aviation (helicopters), naval high-speed power transmission systems, steam turbines, piston-type power mechanical transmission systems, crawler vehicles, and generator sets, high-speed and high-power mechanical transmission systems, are commonly used in high-speed transmission shaft systems after dynamic balancing

  First, relevant government policies play a very important role in promoting the development of the coupling industry.From an international point of view, all coupling industries have received strong support from the government in the early stages of development.According to the actual situation, the tariffs on imported precision coupling production equipment that cannot be produced in the country should be reduced, and the preferential policies for some coupling factories should be implemented. The development and progress of the industry can be accelerated through policy guidance.

  Second, with the development of the market, new materials and diversified molding methods of couplings will inevitably continue to develop in the future, so the requirements for couplings are getting higher and higher.In order to meet the needs of the market, future couplings will have rapid development in terms of variety, structure, performance and processing, and this development will keep up with the times.

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