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    Relevant introduction of diaphragm coupling[2016-03-10]
    The diaphragm coupling is composed of several groups of diaphragms (stainless steel thin plate) which are alternately connected with the two halves of the coupling with bolts. Each group of diaphragms is made up of several pieces. The diaphragms are divided into rod type and different shapes. The whole piece.
    Tips for disassembling plum coupling[2016-03-10]
    It is recommended to remove the connecting bolts first when disassembling the plum blossom coupling.Because a layer of grease, corrosion products and other deposits are deposited on the surface of the thread, the bolt is not easy to disassemble, especially for the heavily corroded bolt, it is very difficult to disassemble.Choose suitable tools for the disassembly of the connecting bolts, because the outer or inner hexagonal bearing surface of the bolt has been slipped and damaged, and the disassembly will be more difficult.
    Five Tips for Summer Maintenance of Oldham Couplings[2016-03-10]
    Oldham slider coupling is a kind of slider coupling. Pay attention to maintenance skills to extend the service life. The maintenance techniques for Oldham slider coupling are as follows: When assembling, remove burrs and clean all parts.
    Technical performance of elastic pin gear coupling[2016-03-10]
    The elastic pin gear coupling has good performance in compensating axial, radial and angular axis deviation, good vibration reduction performance, simple structure, stable and reliable operation, no noise, no lubrication, convenient maintenance, simple assembly and disassembly, Good manufacturability, low cost, can be derived into a variety of structural situations, good versatility, wide application range, and easy to promote.
    Installation and maintenance requirements of cross slide coupling[2016-03-10]
    Each type of coupling has different maintenance requirements according to different types, different forms, different transmission torques and other factors.Let's take a look at the specific maintenance requirements of cross slider couplings and slider couplings.