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    Function of coupling[2018-11-15]
    Coupling is a device that connects two shafts or shafts and rotating parts, and rotates together without disengaging in the process of transmitting movement and torque. It does not change the direction of rotation and the magnitude of torque during the transmission process. This is a variety of The common function of the coupling, the elastic coupling also has different degrees of shock absorption and buffering function, and the coupling also has an overload protection function.
    The difference between star coupling and plum coupling[2017-02-17]
    Both the star coupling and the plum coupling are elastic couplings. There are elastic bodies between the two shafts, and the shape is exactly the same, so sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them.
    Introduction of elastic pin coupling[2017-01-03]
    Introduction of elastic pin coupling, elastic pin coupling is a pin made of several non-metal elastic materials
    Introduction of elastic coupling performance and requirements[2016-12-30]
    The elastic coupling uses parallel or spiral groove system to adapt to various deviations and transmit torque
    How to align the diaphragm coupling[2016-12-28]
    How to align the diaphragm coupling? Coupling alignment tools, including the guide seat, have a V-shaped groove at the bottom
    Coupling balance, etc.[2016-12-24]
    There are many varieties, types, and specifications of couplings, based on the correct understanding of the concepts of varieties, types, and specifications.
    Analysis of the alignment process of the coupling[2016-12-22]
    Couplings are used in a variety of different host products, and the surrounding working environment is more complicated
    Analyze several positioning methods of couplings[2016-12-19]
    There are many types of couplings, according to the relative position and position changes of the two connected shafts
    The installation method of the diaphragm coupling and the reason for the damage of the diaphragm[2016-12-17]
    To install the diaphragm coupling, the important thing is to install the bolt. The correct installation of it directly affects the performance, life and performance of the diaphragm coupling.
    Maintenance of drum gear coupling[2016-12-16]
    The drum gear coupling consists of an inner gear ring with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with external gears.