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Coupling balance, etc.

Publication time: November 2016, 12【L Small

  Coupling balance, etc.: There are many types, types, and specifications of couplings. Based on the correct understanding of the concepts of types, types, and specifications, the coupling should be selected according to the needs of the transmission system. First, start with the coupling that has been formulated as a standard. There are more than a dozen types of shaft couplings to choose from. At present, I have formulated more than a dozen types of standard couplings. Most of these standard couplings are universal couplings. Each coupling has its own characteristics and scope of application, which can basically meet the requirements. Under various working conditions, designers do not need to design the coupling by themselves, and only need to design the coupling when the existing standard coupling cannot meet the needs.Standard couplings are easy to purchase, and the price is much cheaper than non-standard couplings designed by ourselves.Among the many standard couplings, the correct choice of the best coupling that suits your needs is related to the working performance, reliability, service life, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracy, and economy of the mechanical product shafting transmission. A series of issues such as sex are also related to the quality of mechanical products.

  (1) The potential unbalance factors of the coupling components have been introduced above, and the various steps of determining the balance of various types of coupling components and calculating the balance are shown in the calculation examples.

  (2) The balance of any coupling assembly is determined based on the square root of the possible value of the positional eccentricity between the main axis of inertia of the coupling and the axis of rotation.Its imbalance is expressed in microns.

  (3) Standard sub-table of coupling balance, etc. The following table shows the large deviation of the main axis of inertia at the position of the balance surface to the axis of rotation, expressed in large root-mean-square micrometers, and its value is the coupling calculated according to the AGMA method. The large displacement (root mean square) of the main axis of inertia on the balance plane such as coupling balance standard, etc.

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