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How to align the diaphragm coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 12【L Small

  How to align the diaphragm coupling: Coupling alignment tools, including a guide seat, with a V-shaped groove at the bottom, and a groove opening to one side and the top surface in the middle of the upper seat body along the axial direction; The bottom is radially opened with an observation slot that intersects and penetrates the V-shaped groove; the measuring plate has an L-shaped structure, and the thickness matches the groove on the guide seat, and its bent part is inserted into the groove on the guide seat; The upper part of the movable plate is provided with a through guide groove along the axial direction. The upper end is provided with a screw and extends into the guide groove cavity. The other end of the measuring plate is inserted into the guide groove of the movable plate. The movable plate moves on the measuring plate and is moved by Screw lock.During the measurement, adjust the moving plate to a proper position according to the external dimensions of the coupling under test and lock it with screws. Place the guide base on the coupling under test, insert the measuring plate into the placed guide base, and move it toward the insertion end of the measuring plate. Apply appropriate pressure to the shaft of the coupling and maintain it, use a feeler gauge to measure (or observe) the linear error between the measuring port of the other end of the moving plate and the surface of the coupling and adjust it to coincide.

  The rotation of the two shafts connected by the coupling should be strictly concentric, so align and align it during installation, otherwise it will cause a lot of stress on the coupling, generate a lot of noise, and shorten the coupling The service life of the device will seriously affect the normal operation of the shaft, bearing and other parts on the shaft, and even cause vibration or damage to the entire machine and foundation.Therefore, the search of the diaphragm coupling is one of the important work links in the installation and maintenance process.

  1. Preliminary alignment Use a knife-shaped ruler and feeler gauge to measure the misalignment of the coupling and use a wedge-shaped clearance rail or feeler gauge to measure the non-parallelism of the end face of the coupling. This method is suitable for preliminary alignment or low speed and accuracy. Flexible coupling that is not demanding.

  2. Calibrating the dial indicator Use a dial indicator or a special aligning tool to measure the misalignment and non-parallelism of the two coupling halves. At least four points must be taken as the detection base point, and the two coupling halves must be tested for each other .This method is suitable for rotating equipment with high speed, rigid connection and high precision requirements.note:

  (1) When using feeler gauges and knife-shaped gauges for alignment, the surface of the radial end face of the coupling should be flat, smooth, rust-free, and burr-free.

  (2) In order to see the light of the knife-shaped ruler, it is better to use a flashlight.

  (3) For the final measured value, the anchor bolts of the motor should be fully tightened.

  (4) When aligning with a special tool, make the same mark. In order to avoid the increase of the measurement data error, the coupling flange should be divided into 4-8 points in order to obtain the data.

  (5) Make alignment records and related marks.

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