December 7, 2020

? YL series single phase dual-capacitor asynchronous motors are developed and produced in accordance with state requirements, and also have out-standing construction of commencing and operation, are of lower noise, compact imensions,light weight,simple upkeep, and so forth.
? These motors might be extensively utilized in air compressors,pumps,fans,refrigeration,healthcare instruments likewise as tiny machines,
and so forth. specially for event where only single
? phase electrical energy is obtainable.
Safety type: IP44 Insulation class: B
Rated voltage: 220V Cooling type: IC0141
Duty sort: constant operating Rated frequency: 50Hz

YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for driving small machines and water pumps,specifically for household or workshops wherever only single-phase electric supply are available. Conforming to”IEC”designed with innovative approaches and made from very best products, the motors have pleasant look and excellent efficiency.
YC series motors are of IP44, completely enclosed and fan-cooled. Motor of rated output of 3HP and under are capacitor-started, when operating under rated voltage, under 50Hz,has a commencing torque as substantial as 3times the rated tone and underneath 60Hz,the torque could be two.75 instances the rated one. Motors of 4HP and above are of capacitor start and run. They have the advantages of substantial torque,regular running, very low the mal rise, lower noise and higher overload performan.