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  Commitment of pre-sales and after-sales service of Botou Ever-Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.:

  Product Quality Commitment

  1. Botou Ever-Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. provides you with exquisite products with serious design concepts, rich manufacturing experience, and rigorous quality system.

  2. Use the qualified materials selected by the design, according to the product quality standards, according to the design process, and strictly follow the quality system to produce and manufacture, and welcome customers to supervise on-site.

  Supply quality commitment

  3. Provide product design and manufacturing for special needs to meet the individual needs of customers.

  Pre-sale service commitment

  Visit customers in a planned way, solicit opinions, understand customer needs and existing problems in a timely manner, respond to customer requirements within the same day, and explain those that cannot be met. Contract review will be completed within two days. Each sales engineer will provide our customers with comprehensive pre-sale services. At the same time, according to the customer's working conditions and purpose of use, they will help customers choose suitable products and provide comprehensive and complete solutions for conveying and boosting.

  In-sale service commitment

  Strictly perform the sales contract, provide products on time, quality and quantity, strictly perform technical service agreements, provide technical service guidance on time, solve problems in a timely manner, notify users if they cannot be resolved on site, and report to the supervisor in charge for replacement due to product quality Or return the goods and report the time.

  After-sales service commitment

  1. The company is equipped with a complete customer service team, listens to customer service requirements, provides comprehensive after-sales service, and relieves customers from all worries.

  2. The product warranty period is twelve months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts damaged due to quality reasons free of charge. If the parts are damaged outside the warranty period, the parts provided will only be charged at the cost. Equipment damage caused by human factors, repairs or accessories provided by the supplier are calculated at cost, which is a product quality problem. During the warranty period, repairs, replacements and lifetime maintenance services and spare parts supply are provided for customers.

  3. When the customer has quality problems during use, we will give a reply within two hours after receiving the customer's written service request.