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company culture

  Corporate culture is the spiritual driving force for corporate development and the personality basis for operating products. In the process of growth and development, Ever-Power Coupling attaches great importance to and continues to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and has established the following core content of corporate culture with distinctive characteristics:

  The development concept of the enterprise is: "Be solid, refined, and stronger in the field you are familiar with."

  The concept of fame and fortune of an enterprise is: "Make a name for the essence, profit for the enterprise, and benefit for the employees."

  The talent view of the enterprise is: "People-oriented, people make the best use of their talents, and develop their potential."

  The employee's view of life is: "Adjust a good attitude, endure loneliness, don't follow the trend, be honest, and do things down-to-earth."

  The employee's concept of responsibility is: "Due diligence, do your best."

  Botou Ever-Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to accelerate the pace of establishing a modern company system, continue to promote management innovation, improve plum coupling, cross slide coupling, pin coupling, diaphragm coupling, drum gear The product management model of couplings guides employees to establish a common vision of “building a company with a modern management level in a new stage”, strengthens the dynamic and contemporary nature of Xing’s employee management methods, integrates management ideas, stimulates creative thinking, and absorbs extensively. Accept the world's cutting-edge management ideas and business ideas.Establish a new concept of "management is service", constantly seek market opportunities, make quick decisions, respond quickly, discover the market, and win the market; constantly adjust the management structure, advance the Tianda informatization process, rebuild the work process, integrate the team organization, and increase It has established a market-oriented operation and development mechanism based on long-term, continuous operation and pursuing greater efficiency.