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Introduce the structural characteristics of the elastic coupling in detail

Publication time: November 2016, 11【L Small

  The elastic coupling uses parallel or spiral groove system to adapt to various deviations and transmit torque.Flexible couplings usually have good performance and price advantages. In many practical applications of stepping and servo systems, flexible couplings are the product of choice.The one-piece design enables the flexible coupling to achieve the advantages of zero-clearance torque transmission and no maintenance.The elastic coupling mainly has the following two basic series: spiral groove type and parallel groove type.

  XNUMX. One-piece metal elastomer

  XNUMX. Zero backlash, synchronous operation

  XNUMX. Elastic action compensates radial, angular and axial deviations

  Fourth, high torque rigidity and sensitivity

  Five, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are exactly the same

  Six, maintenance-free, oil and corrosion resistance

  Seven, there are aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials to choose from

  XNUMX. There are two main fixing methods: top wire and clamping

  The spiral groove type elastic coupling has a continuous multi-turn long slot. This type of coupling has very good elasticity and small bearing load.It can withstand various deviations and is suitable for correcting deflection and axial deviation, but its ability to deal with eccentricity is relatively poor. Because the spiral groove is bent in two different directions at the same time, a large internal pressure will be generated, which will lead to Premature damage to the coupling.Although the long spiral groove coupling can easily bend under various deviations, it has the same effect on the rigidity of the coupling under the torsional load.Excessive swing clearance under torsional load will affect the accuracy of the coupling and weaken its overall performance.

  Most of the flexible couplings are made of aluminum alloy, and some also provide flexible couplings made of stainless steel.In addition to corrosion resistance, the stainless steel elastic coupling also increases the torque capacity and rigidity, and can even be twice as high as that of similar products made of aluminum alloy.However, this increased torque and rigidity will be offset to a certain extent by the increased mass and inertia.Sometimes the negative impact will outweigh its advantages, so users have to look for other forms of couplings.

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