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The structure and advantages of JQ type clamp coupling

Publication time: November 2017, 02【L Small
There is no elastic body in the middle of the JQ type clamp shell coupling. It is usually a lifting ring. The shaft at both ends is suspended. The diameter of the shaft hole is the diameter. It is generally used for vertical installation. The middle part is slotted with a suspension ring to block the equipment at both ends. Shaft head to transmit torque.
JQ type clipThe coupling is used for the reactor stirring shaft is too long. When the two stirring shafts are manufactured in two stages, the coupling of the two stirring shafts should be selected as a jacketed coupling, which needs to be put forward when ordering, so as to use non-standard requirements for the output shaft size.
      JQ type clamp couplingIt uses two sandwich shells split along the axial direction. The coupling spacer has multiple blade branches. Like a slider coupling, due to its elasticity, it has the function of buffering and damping. Therefore, in the case of strong vibration Used more.The performance limit temperature of the elastomer determines the use temperature of the coupling, with good versatility and wide application range.
One of the outstanding advantages of the coupling is that it only needs to be suitable for axis alignment and difficult to install, thereby ensuring its zero clearance performance.The shaft does not need to move axially during assembly and disassembly of the clamp housing coupling, so the assembly and disassembly are very convenient.
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