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The difference between star coupling and plum coupling

Publication time: November 2017, 02【L Small
The side of the star coupling claw is flat, while the side of the plum blossom coupling claw is arc-shaped.The elastic body of the star coupling is a star-shaped elastic cushion, model GR10-180, and the elastic body of the plum-shaped elastic coupling is a plum-shaped elastic cushion, the model is: MT1-13. Both elastomers are made of polyurethane Material, good elasticity, can play a buffering role, long life and easy to replace.
    Star couplingBoth shaft couplings and plum blossom couplings are elastic couplings. There are elastic bodies between the two shafts, and the shape is exactly the same, so sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them.It is difficult to tell whether it is a plum coupling or a star coupling only from the appearance. It can only be judged by the shape of the elastic and the shape of the claw.
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