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The editor tells you how to install and use the LMZ-I plum coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 05【L Small

    1. Before installation, check whether the prime mover and the working machine are concentric, whether there are wrapping paper and scratches on the surfaces of the two shafts, whether there are debris in the inner holes of the two half couplings of the LMZ-I plum blossom coupling, and the inner holes Whether there are bruises on the edges, clean up the shaft and half coupling if any, and treat the bruises with a fine file.Then check whether the inner hole diameter and length of the two half couplings are consistent with the diameter and shaft elongation of the prime mover and working machine.In general selection, it is better to make the length of the prime mover and the working machine end half coupling less than its shaft elongation 10-30mm.

  2. In order to facilitate the installation, it is better to put the two half couplings in the 120-150 incubator or oil tank for preheating, so that the inner hole size increases and it is easy to install.After installation, ensure that the shaft head cannot protrude from the end face of the half coupling, and it is better to be flush.Detect the distance between the two halves of the coupling: take the average of the readings of 3 to 4 points measured along the two inner sides of the flange of the half coupling, and the sum of the measured dimensions of the extension and the two diaphragm sets, two The error is controlled within the range of 0-0.4mm.

  3. 找正:用百分表检测两半联轴节法兰盘端面和外圆跳动,当法兰盘外圆小于250mm时跳动值应不大于0.05mm;当法兰盘外圆大于250mm时,跳动值应不大于0.08。

  4. Install the bolts: insert the bolts from the outside of the small hole of the flange, pass through the outside of the large hole of the other flange, put on the buffer sleeve, elastic washer, twist the nut, and tighten the nut with a wrench.If the installation is unsuitable or it is removed and replaced without damaging the shaft and the half coupling, it is better to rotate freely after installation.

  5. Instructions for operators: Before starting the equipment, check whether the nut of the LMZ-I torx coupling is loose or falling off. If so, tighten the nut with a wrench in time.The load pipeline valve should be opened after starting the equipment with no load for 1 minute; the shutdown sequence is reversed. (Please brush the outside of the coupling with oil once a month).

  6. Practice has proved that if the installation, maintenance, and operation are carried out according to the instructions and requirements, the daily start-up times of the LMZ-I plum coupling are 1-5 times, and the service life of the diaphragm is less than 5 years. If you do not follow the instructions Installation, maintenance, and operation are required, especially if the bolts are installed in the wrong direction and the diaphragm is deformed or the prime mover and the working machine are offset too much, the diaphragm will be damaged in advance.

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