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Introduction of elastic pin coupling

Publication time: November 2017, 01【L Small

  Introduction of elastic pin coupling: The elastic pin coupling is a pin made of a number of non-metallic elastic materials, which is placed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are connected by the pin. The coupling has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture, and it is convenient to assemble, disassemble and replace the elastic element, and there is no need to move the two couplings.The elastic pin coupling is suitable for various coaxial transmission systems. It uses the cross-sectional shear strength of nylon rods to transmit torque. The working temperature is -20℃-80℃.The structure is simple, with cushioning and shock absorption performance and certain axis offset compensation ability, suitable for use in occasions where noise is not controlled.The elastic sleeve pin coupling used to be my widely used coupling. As early as the late 20s, it was formulated as the standard of the Ministry of Machinery. The elastic ring pin coupling is our standard coupling.The elastic sleeve pin coupling has a relatively simple structure, easy to manufacture, does not require lubrication, does not need to be bonded with metal vulcanization, it is convenient to replace the elastic sleeve, does not need to move the half coupling, and has a certain degree of compensation for the relative offset of the two shafts and vibration damping .The elastic sleeve works by compression and deformation. Because the thickness of the elastic sleeve is thin, the volume is small, and the elastic deformation is limited, the elastic sleeve pin coupling can compensate the axis displacement and elasticity, but the allowable compensation amount for the axis displacement is less. The elasticity is weak.The elastic pin coupling relies on the locking force of the pin group to generate the frictional moment on the contact surface, and compress the rubber elastic sleeve to transmit the torque.Suitable for small and medium power shafting transmissions with good rigidity of the installation base, high centering accuracy, low impact load, and low requirements for vibration reduction

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