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Analysis of the alignment process of the coupling

Publication time: November 2016, 12【L Small

  Couplings are used in a variety of different host products, and the surrounding working environment is more complicated, such as temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive media, salt water, radiation, etc. One of the important factors to consider when shafting.For the working quality of high temperature, low temperature, oil, acid and alkali medium, it is not suitable to choose the flexible coupling with general rubber as the elastic element material, but should choose the flexible coupling of the metal elastic element, such as diaphragm coupling, Serpentine spring couplings, etc.The coupling of the coupling is one of the important tasks of the machine installation. The purpose of the alignment is to make the two axes of the driving shaft and the driven shaft in the same straight line when the machine is working. The accuracy of the alignment is related to whether the machine can operate normally. , Especially important for high-speed machines.

  Accurate alignment of two shafts is difficult to achieve, and it is more difficult to always maintain accurate alignment for continuously operating machines. The uneven thermal expansion of various parts, the deflection of the shaft, the uneven wear of the bearing, the displacement generated by the machine, and the Uneven sinking of the foundation, etc., are all causes that make it difficult to maintain the shaft alignment. Therefore, when designing the machine, it is stipulated that the two shafts have an allowable deviation value, which is also required when installing the coupling. From the perspective of assembly, As long as the coupling can reliably transmit torque, the greater the allowable deviation of the two shafts, the easier it is to meet the requirements during installation.But from the perspective of installation quality, the smaller the deviation of the two axes, the better the alignment, the better the machine's operation and the longer the service life.Therefore, the allowable deviation of the alignment of the two shafts when the coupling is installed cannot be regarded as the margin left by the installer's hasty construction.

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